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Xingchun not only weave lanyard, but also weave care for the earth. Every inch of 50D Eco-friendly raw yarn carries our commitment to the future. We select 100% Eco-friendly raw silk and integrate the concept of environmental protection into every process of the product to provide you with a fashionable and sustainable choice. This is not only a lanyard, it is a perfect interpretation of elegance and responsibility. Through advanced heat transfer technology, colorful patterns and fine details are displayed stroke by stroke on the lanyard. From deep blue to warm red, from elegant patterns to exquisite text, each pattern seems to be vividly displayed on the ribbon. It is full of color and durable, with strong water resistance and is not easy to fade even with frequent use. Every detail has its own unique charm, and every ray of color carries infinite possibilities. The heat transfer lanyard brought by Xingchun is just such an innovative sublimation printing material. It is a specially designed for the ribbon industry that pursues details and colors.